Hardware & software solutions

Our eTactica solution is a energy monitoring system; organising and analysing your energy data to help you eliminate energy waste and circuit overload.

Manage & save energy

Make your electricity panel the source of your management information.

The problem with electricity

Smart meters and electricity bills only tell you your total usage, making it hard to identify where to make improvements. Circuit breakers do not make usage or load visible, making it hard to understand how to avoid excessive usage and load.

We made a simple solution

Measure your circuits with eTactica products, to always know where, when, and how much electricity you are using. Monitor usage and load of each circuit with your eTactica account, to understand where you can cut costs and reduce load.





eTactica overview


eTactica products

Adding intelligence to typical electrical safety systems.

eTactica EC

A current sensor for displaying a current flowing through a circuit breaker up to 40 A. Can be used stand-alone or connected to the eTactica EB device for transmitting data. Compatible with most common MCB brands.


eTactica EB

A measurement and data collection device for reading current measurements from EC sensors. Provides data via Modbus/RTU and can be serially connected to the eTactica EG gateway. Available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 EC connection versions.


eTactica EM

A 3 phase, high accuracy submeter for measuring voltage, current, power factor and frequency for each phase of an application. Support up to 630A per phase by varying model types. Provides data via Modbus/RTU and can be serially connected to the eTactica EG gateway.


eTactica EG

A Linux network gateway providing a message broker and energy data analyser. Communicates data via Ethernet or WiFi. Uses standard Modbus/RTU (RS 485) and Modbus/TCP interfaces for data collection. Provides local and internet access to measurement data.


eTactica ES

A measurement and data collection device for use with external CTs up to 80A, 200A and 500A of each circuit by an application. Provides data via Modbus/RTU and can be serially connected to the eTactica EG gateway. Can be used to detect  and monitor up to 6 separate circuit branches per device.


eTactica services

Providing inclusive services to improve your energy management abilities.

Customise reports & alerts

Analyse detailed data on categorised energy cost, electrical usage/load deviations, and CO2 emissions by monthly reports. React to rising or dropping energy loads for avoiding costly operational halts or damages by receiving instant text/email alerts.

Compare & remotely view data

Access detailed energy data online to stay informed, whenever and wherever you need, on your computer or tablet/mobile. Compare energy data by individual appliances, user categories, and/or different time periods to make accurate estimates or identify trends.

Monitor & invoice energy

Monitor your supply quality and follow your progress for improvements to ensure that energy savings achieved are preserved. Receive data on tenant electricity usage for accurate invoicing, and gain insight into future usage by accurate estimates.

eTactica software

A flexible software mechanism built on open standards for highest compatibility.


The Cloud Reporting tool is customizable, effective and secure to access historical data and generate real-time reports. The calendar function is easy to use to forecast, filter, and search data.


Set up alerts in advance that will send you notifications of unexpected usage, as well as high and low activity levels for safety and maintenance purposes.



Easily identify and map trends according to the ampere chart, branch level, power factor and categories, and get detailed consumption data for those selections. Run a comparison cost analysis, which gives you an estimation of your upcoming bill. Track carbon emissions, and stay in control of your energy!

Intellectual property

Innovating through extensive research, development and testing for the next generation of energy management solutions.

Investing in innovation

We invest in our intellectual innovations by patenting our solutions to meet our business objectives.

With eTactica’s advanced energy management technologies, we’ve strengthen our partnerships with leading manufacturers and service providers for a competitive advantage.

Our patented and patent-pending hardware and proprietary software solutions have been recognised with prestigious international honors and awards.